Aku dapat daripada bini aku, bini aku dapat daripada kawan opis dia, kawan opis dapat daripada kawan dia....hahaha....Wallahualam...berhati-hati semua no....
Dear all,

Eh u guys be carefull k, remember the acid splasher case? Yesterday one of my friends, her car window kene ketuk by a guy holding a yellow bottle demanding her to wind down her window. She didn’t, so the guy ‘bang’ her car and yelled at her. The face is as per police announcement, Indian guy. She said, awal2 masa the guy knocked her window, he look mcm kesian muke sedih. (Taktik nak suruh bukak tingkap). After that the guy left. This happen at traffic light at 1 utama, which is near to us.

Then she launched police report, the police told her that yesterday, another girl pun reported the same thing, tingkap kene ketuk too but at Kota Damansara.

The crazy dude is now targeting our area, so please be carefull kay when ur out there.

Also, a friend of mine, her work collegue was one of the victim. Now she’s blind and still at the hospital

Be carefull yea when ur out there. Run when u hear motorcycle or bring umbrella. Its not safe out there. Better be safe than sorry